• X-Series vs. Navitas and TXT Frames

    The new X-Series golf cart from MadJax/Nivel compared to the Navitas and EZGO TXT frames.

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    The Biggest Differentiator: Frame Is All In One Piece

    TXT and Navitas Frames (supports the storm body kit), do not have a solid frame from bumper to bumper. The front axle is only attached to the golf cart by four bolts, two on the leaf springs and two on the shocks.


    The X-Series is all one solid frame with the axle mounts welded to the frame. So the X-Series is way more safe, which is crucial considering you can have 4 riders in excess of 800lbs and go 25mph down the road.

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    Independent Suspension vs. Solid Axle

    TXTs and Navitas Frames have a solid front axle. What does this mean for you? Having a solid front axle means that both tires simultaneously affect the ride of the golf cart. If your left front hits a bump or pot hole, the other side of the axle will react making the ride more rough.


    The X-Series has a front independent suspension so the tires act as their own. If you hit a bump or pothole with your front left tire on an X-Series golf cart, it will not affect your other tire as it acts "independently."

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    4-Wheel Disc Brakes vs. Drum Brakes

    The MadJax X-Series golf cart is one of the very few golf carts in the industry with 4-wheel disc brakes.


    Golf carts keep getting faster, but brakes have not been improving. Madjax fixed that issue with the X-Series as disc brakes are the most effective way to stop a vehicle...way better than drum brakes, which are found on most golf carts.

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    Warranties can be confusing and a nightmare when your golf cart is from one manufacturer, the body kit is from another manufacturer, the lift kit is from another, the rims/tires are from yet another.


    With the X-Series Storm, all features fall under the MadJax brand, so you only have one business to call with warranty issues or concerns.


    The warranty specs on the X-Series cart:

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the frame
    • 3-year warranty on the suspension, electrical components, body, cushions, mechanical components (longer than most OEMs)
    • 6-year Reliance battery warranty